At Bruster’s, we understand that schools, communities, arts and athletic organizations always need fresh and profitable ways to raise funds.

That’s why we’re so excited to tell you about our Bruster’s Booster Fundraising Program. The Bruster’s Booster Program is designed to be 3 things:

  • Desirable (The ice cream takes care of that.)

  • Simple (All you need is yourself and a Bruster’s Booster Coupon Book!)

  • Profitable (You make 50% on every sale!)

download the
Bruster's Fundraising flyer PDF

How It Works

The Bruster’s Booster Program steps to success:

1. Purchase your coupon books at your local Bruster’s

a. Coupon books include twelve coupons with a retail value of at least $40.

b. You buy the books for only $6 each.

c. Coupons are good all year round!

2. Sell your coupon books to your supporters for $12 each!

3. Enjoy a $6 profit on every sale!

The Bruster’s Booster Program is our way of helping your organization continue the great work you do for our community. Thanks!

For more information or to purchase your coupon books and get started, contact your local Bruster’s!

Other Fundraisng Opportunities!

download the
Italian Ice Days
Fundraising flyer PDF

download the
Pie Fundraising flyer PDF


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