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As the saying goes, the more things change the more they stay the same. Americans love ice cream every bit as much as when the first Bruster’s Real Ice Cream opened nearly 25 years ago. Since the business world is constantly changing, we are continually evolving to meet customer and investor needs. Therefore, we offer investors three design options to choose from including our newest DINE-IN model. Yes, Bruster’s will now have a dining room!

New Dine-In Model Features:
1. Four seasons positioning
Bruster’s is creating opportunities for guests to visit year round and more often. While our main focus is and always will be on our made fresh on site daily premium ice cream. Our new marketing and menu strategy includes more limited time offers as well as new menu choices that include soft serve yogurt and fresh fruit smoothies.

2. “Treat Theater” offered inside our dining room
Sight, sound, taste and smell are the four key sensory elements to the new treat experience and environment of the new Bruster’s model. “Treat Theater” will enable guests to customize their selections and watch them being created to order.

3. Design Options/Investment Levels
Bruster’s has made its concept more attractive to potential franchisees by creating new and extremely cost effective models. We have three exciting models to choose from and are committed to working with potential investors to help them choose the design model that best aligns with their goals and budget.

If you are seeking the opportunity to be your own boss in an industry where people come happy, you can mentor today’s youth and you can be proud of the product you represent, Bruster’s might be the right fit.

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Email: franchise@brusters.com
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